Friday, August 25, 2017

Did you just assume my Identity?

In this age where PC rules, and SJWs are trying to out-victim each other, the one constant continues to be the hypocrisy of the left.  

With dozens of new gender, racial, sexual "identities," coupled with threats to prosecute people for hate crimes for referring to someone by the wrong pronoun, we are continually being warned not to attempt to identify others.

Doing so will undoubtedly prompt a scathing rebuttal of "Did you just assume my identity?"  

As is always the case with the left, these rules only apply to Conservatives.  They, of course, are free to do identify and label Conservatives as white supramacists, white nationalists, and racists with zero proof or concern for who we are or how we self identify.  

Calling someone a racist has become the familiar go-to insult for any Conservative winning a political argument with a liberal by using facts when all the liberal brought to the discussion was irrational emotion.  

When a politically motivated Democrat, with a Facebook page filled with hateful anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric, drove across the nation with a kill list of Republicans his pocket and showed up at a Republican softball practice and opened fire on Republican-elected officials and their staff, we were told we can't possibly assume to know what his intention was and that it was not an act of domestic terrorism or a hate crime.  

When a man whose car was being beaten by protesters, antifa, and BLM members hit the gas pedal and ran into a crowd, killing one and injuring several others, we are told he was undoubtedly a white supremacist, a racist, and that the DOJ is considering prosecuting his crime as an act of domestic terrorism or a hate crime or both.  

Let me be very clear here: this post is not intended get into debate over which hate group in Charlottesville that weekend has morale superiority over the other hate groups, or what their motivations were.  All hate groups are disgusting and dangerous and cannot be toleratede.  Everyone who went to that event was looking for an altercation of some sort.  The driver is in custody and will be held accountable his actions.   

My point is on how both of these incidents were treated by the Democrats and the media.  

In one case, the Democrats and media bent over backwards trying to distance themselves from the shooter who clearly targeted elected Republicans and their staff at a softball practice and repeatedly told us that his actions didn't represent them or their political values.  

In the other case, in what is one of the most extreme examples of logical fallacy that I have ever seen, Democrats and their propaganda media claim the driver represents all Conservatives and Republicans.  This week, Democrats labeled all Trump voters as racist and Fake News purveyor CNN even peddled an insane story that all Trump voters are white supremacists by default...all of them.  

To put this in words that even the most intellectually challenged leftist can understand: don't ever try to assume my identity or label me. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Due Diligence Triumphs Willful Ignorance

After 8 years of Obama racing to a microphone to take a stand on the wrong side of facts--saying the Cambridge police "acted stupidly," saying if he had a son he'd "look like Trayvon" [Martin], or saying the death of Michael Brown was an example of "guilty of walking while black,"--it is refreshing that President Trump waited until he was given facts before making specific comments about the events over the weekend.  

In his initial comments on the day of the protest, he condemned violence of both sides of protestors, and rightfully so.  

Both sides went there looking for a fight.  

Once President Trump was armed with the facts, he made a statement specifically calling out extremist groups by name.  

That is more than we ever got from Obama over the last 8 years.  

I'm still waiting for Obama to condemn Black Lives Matter for their shameless promotion of extremism and violence resulting in the death of at least 11 police officers.  Instead of condemning the group and their violence, Obama actually invited the Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House. 

Additionally, let's not forget that for six years after radical, Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 and injured 30 other soldiers on Fort Hood, Obama called it "workplace violence," not Islamic extremism and certainly not terrorism. 

The media gave Obama a pass for his ill-conceived statements on Henry Louis Gates Jr., who was rightfully arrested by Cambridge police for acting belligerently and not following police commands. 

The media never questioned Obama for his ill-conceived statements on the killing of Trayvon Martin, who a jury determined was killed by a man acting in self-defense while Martin beat fact the media colluded to edit 911 tapes to help portray the incident as a racially-motivated hate crime.

The media cheered Obama for his ill-conceived statements on Michael Brown, who Obama's own DOJ determined was a justified shooting and cleared the police officer involved.

Obama will forever be remembered for being on the wrong side of facts and the wrong side of history.  

So yes, it is refreshing that we finally have a President who waited to be briefed--and for facts--before making a statement concerning a volatile, racially charged incident.  

To those who said his comments were "too little, too late" where were you when Obama was "too soon and too wrong?"  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tall Tales of Liberal Handmaidens

I refuse to watch the new Hulu television series, The Handmaiden's Tale--because of the left's total distortion of facts to try and portray this work of fiction as being "extremely timely" and "relevant" in today's political environment. 

On 27 June, liberal snowflakes dressed as women from Hulu’s television production of The Handmaid’s Tale--Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian feminist novel about a totalitarian theocracy that forces women to procreate--to protest the GOP proposal to strip taxpayer funding of Plan Parenthood. 

This act alone signifies the lengths--and cheap theatrics--the left will go to lie and distort the TRUTH.  This is why people just don't take liberals seriously. 

  1. Conservatives are not promoting, or passing, laws to force women into sex slavery for the purpose of procreation.  
  2. The draft GOP healthcare bill does not shut down or ban Planned Parenthood (PP)--it simply removes tax payer funding for it.  It would seem to me that an organization the left feels is so essential, should be able to survive with their generous charitable contributions?  The myth that PP offers women's health services besides abortion, like mammograms, has been overwhelmingly debunked by their own CE0 under oath in open testimony.  All they do is abortion, harvest, and sell dead baby parts. Period. The so-called "pre-natal ultrasounds" they perform are not to determine the development of the fetus for a healthy birth.  They are done to determine the growth of the fetus to see if it matches a customer's purchase order for those baby parts at that stage of development.  This is all about supply and demand--PP is a for-profit organization.  They don't need tax payer money, and I certainly don't approve of any of MY tax dollars going to it. 
  3. No one is challenging the law legalizing abortion.  It is the law--any women in this country is able to get one.  How are today's liberal "Handmaidens" trying to liken themselves to fictional characters forced to have babies?  To the best of my knowledge, no one is forcing liberal snowflakes to have sex or have babies.  
  4. There are several contraceptives available to to prevent unwanted pregnancy: abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, diaphragm, implants, Intrauterine devices, and the morning after pill to name a few.  All available to women today. 

Here's the thing liberals, and you idiot "Handmaidens," you are free to do whatever you want in your bedroom.  

Let your freak flags fly and do the nasty with whoever you want.  

Go for it.  I agree, the government has no business dictating "morality" or what you do behind closed doors. 

But don't wag your hypocritical, left-wing finger at the rest of us.  Don't tell us we have no right to judge what you do in that bedroom, and then tell us it's our responsibility to pay for the outcome of what occurred on that bedroom. 

Grow up.  You want to engage in adult activities that have very real consequences, like creating another life, then you pay for it. You want to abort a baby, fine, then you pay for it.  

Is there a recent story about women in the world being forced into sex slavery and forced to have their rapists babies?  

Oh yeah, two years ago during President Obama's Administration when Boko Haram kidnapped 276 Nigerian girls.  The non-Muslim girls were forced to convert to Islam, and many were forced into "marriage," others were sold off to men and groups in neighboring countries.  In the past two years, some girls died, some girls have never been found, some girls successfully escaped, and others were released.  Many had the babies of their rapists.  

Clearly, since the notion of forced sex slavery and procreation is so upsetting to the left, you can be assured they mounted an overwhelming response to save these girls, right?  

Well, not so much.  But I'm sure the lucky girls, that found their freedom, were "super impressed" by Michell Obama's hashtag campaign on Facebook in which she, and other celebrities, simply posted a picture of themselves holding a sign that read: "#saveourgirls."  Um, yeah.  

Sorry liberal "Handmaidens," your pathetic publicity stunt to portray yourselves as sex slaves forced into procreation can't be farther from the truth.  

Not forcing me to pay for your abortion is NOT comparable to me forcing you to have sex and have babies.  

The liberal stunt today was just the latest tall tale, otherwise known as Fake News, spun by the left.  

But what do we expect from a bunch cry babies who were wearing pussy hats just a few months ago?


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Obstruction and Obfuscation

Now this is some obstruction of justice folks.  Read this: Judicial Watch!

By sending all this EVIDENCE to the "Obama Library"--which by the way has not been built yet--it can't be touched by five years.  

Do you seriously think it will still be there in five years? 

Good ol' Hil took a hammer to her storage devices to destroy her illegal, classified, e-mails that she received and shared with those without a "Need to Know" on her illegal private server she set up in her offsite bathroom. 

Bill sent in Sandy "The Burglar" Berger into the National Archives to stuff evidence, of his Administration's incompetence in killing UBL before 9/11, down his pants. 

Let's not forget the now known testimony of Mr. Comey--under oath--saying Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to refer in public to the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation as a "matter."   To LIE to the public.

Let's not forget the now infamous tarmac incident--when Lynch met with Bill RIGHT before Comey came out and listed the plethora of laws Hillary BROKE and numerous times she LIED--but then let her go free.

Clearly Democrats and their "media" don't REALLY care about obstruction of justice...or this concealment of evidence would be a much bigger story.  

Obama  and his Administration is hiding behind Executive Privilege once with Fast and Furious. 

But let's continue the commentary on how President Trump's casual conversation with Mr. Comey in which he expressed his wish that the FBI could see a way past the Flynn investigation was possibly obstruction of justice. 

Ya.  That's totally on the same par.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Democrats Asked for It...They Own It

Since before the 2016 election, Democrats and liberals have been promoting violence against Conservatives.  

During Trump rallies--violence.  Bought and paid for by the DNC as proved unequivocally by under cover video footage and those precious, leaked DNC  e-mails. 

At the Inaugural balls--violence. Committed by liberal snowflakes unable to deal with the crushing reality of loss because their Fake News media failed to report the truth about their weak-ass candidate with no agenda or platform other than an extension of the previous eight years of failure.

At the Inauguration--violence.  Riots, vandalism, and violence against Conservatives just trying to attend the Inauguration committed by liberal thugs.  In some instances, violence bankrolled by the liberal machine--Soros.

After the Inauguration in DC--violence.  Liberal riots thinly veiled as "marches" in which participants vandalized and assaulted those with a different opinion, i.e. Conservatives.  And as an added bonus--enormous amounts of trash and pollution left behind by the party who supposedly "cares so much" about the environment. 

So-called "comedians" posing with the decapitated head of our President. 

So called "actors" in a New York park enacting the assassination of our President. 

The propaganda media rationalizing every vicious act and murder of a cop committed by a BLM member as justified.

Acts of violence and assault of white people because, you know, so-called  "white privilege." 

The now OBVIOUS false narrative of Russian collusion leading to HRC's defeat--which was proven to be totally FAKE by sworn testimony and countless elected Democrats and Republican officials admitting there is nothing to the phony accusations--but is continuing to fuel the anger and violence.

This must STOP. 

The man who took up arms today to shoot at GOP members practicing for a softball game was a Bernie Sanders supporter with a Facebook page full of vicious political rhetoric directed against Conservatives and President Trump.

This man was driven to this event by the DNC promoting violence during the election.  Driven by eight years of the Obama Administration encouraging violence against White people and Conservatives by saying, "Argue and get in their face", "We need to punish our enemies", " Republicans need to stop talking and get out of the way", and "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." 

The GOP today brought their gloves and a softball to play a game.

The liberal who tried to murder Conservatives brought his guns...just like Obama told him to. 

Make no mistake. 

This was an act of terrorism. 

The legal definition of terrorism is "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives." 

This man posted on Facebook, "It's time to destroy Trump and Co." And so he tried. 

This man was also a volunteer on Bernie Sanders campaign.  Good ol'  Bernie was quick to post that he never met this man, and wasn't associated with him, and not accountable for his action.

Weird.  The entire fake narrative of the Trump campaign "collusion" with Russia rests on some dude President Trump has never met, who volunteered on the campaign, and had some Russian business connection ten years ago.   

Huh?   Odd how there is now an all out Special Prosecutor to investigate possible Trump ties to Russia.  

When will we see the FBI or a Special Prosecutor investigation into Bernie Sanders or the DNC's ties to a left-wing nut job's attempt to assassinate Conservatives? 

The Capitol Police deserve recognition for their heroics today.

Democrats should be hanging their heads in shame and disgrace for the senseless violence they have instigated.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

How Liberals Put Men at the Top of the Victim List

The legacy of the Obama Administration--aside from record numbers of scandals, straight up lying on a regular basis to the American public, using the full force of the Federal Government against political opponents and Conservative Americans--is identity politics.  Liberals need victims, the more they convince people they are being victimized, and the Democrats are the only ones who can help them, the more voters they get.  
Of course the dirty little secret is that it is precisely the liberal policies that hurt the lower class, disenfranchise people, and create victims.  But so long as their complicit propaganda buddies in the media keep lying and covering for them, they keep their voter base ignorant and angry.  This is because if you are a victim, you must have a victimizer--someone to blame, someone to direct your anger at. 

White privilege and men are the go-to scapegoat.  Blame them.

The feminists scream inequality, lower wages due to sexism, cry and scream over imaginary notions of lack of reproductive rights.  Blame men! 

Liberals, even pussified liberal men, claim men are the root of all evil.  Men are responsible for all the grievances for all people who feel they have been disenfranchised in some, usually imaginary, way. 

The weird thing is, since liberals have everyone clambering to be a victim, there have been some unintended consequences.  White men and women pretending to be black, politicians pretending to be Native American, and men pretending to be women.  

You see, the so-called party of science has decided your genetics are not applicable in determining who you are--it only matters how you feel, how you identify.  

Well, that was all fine and dandy until men started identifying as women.  That puts them higher up on the victimhood scale than women.  Men identifying as women now have more rights than women, their feelings are now more important than women.  

Men want to use the ladies room--go right ahead, any woman who objects is a bigot and a victimizer. 

Men want to use the woman's locker room showers--go right ahead, any woman who objects is a bigot and a victimizer. 

Men are now competing and beating women in every sport, including boxing where men are literally beating up women--any woman who objects is a bigot and a victimizer. 

A man who identifies as and dresses like a woman wins Woman of the Year--any woman who objects is a bigot and a victimizer. 

Congratulations helped lower yourself on the victim scale and put men back on top--any woman who objects is a bigot and a victimizer. 

Where's your pussy hat now?  Oh wait, the men are wearing it now. 

Watergate 2.0

Has another sitting United States President committed acts so egregious as to prompt a comparison to the 1970's Nixon Watergate scandal? 

Yes.  Absolutely. 

But it was not President Trump.

For you young people, who have either never heard of Watergate or only heard the Hollywood version, here is a very truncated version of events: five burglars broke into a Watergate hotel room that was the DNC Headquarters.  The investigation found a cash connection between the burglars--one of which was a former CIA and FBI agent, and two others had CIA connections--and the Committee for the Re-Election of the President [Nixon].  Nixon also allegedly used the IRS to spy on his political enemies and activist groups. 

Sound familiar?  It should, it is the same thing Obama did--only Obama went much further.  He didn't just use the IRS as a weapon against his political opponents--he used it against everyday Americans like you and I. 

Though originally written off as a right-wing conspiracy theory, as early as 2009 stories began to mount suggesting the Obama Administration was targeting car dealerships for closure that had donated to Republicans and were competitors to a dealership chain partly owned by former Clinton White House chief of staff Mack McLarty as part of Obama's so-called auto bailout plan.  Of course, when Lois Lerner admitted during a conference call with reporters that the IRS WAS targeting groups with "Tea Party" or "patriot" in their title, it became a whole lot harder for the liberal propaganda media to cry conspiracy.  

The Administration also used the NSA to spy on political opponents.  We learned last month that Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was unmasking Trump campaign officials collaterally collected on during the course of their official duties--including the very normal act of reaching out to foreign dignitaries to begin foreign policy discussions and relationships.  Susan Rice was in a political policy position--not an investigative position.  She had zero reason to request unmasking of anyone.  Since she was not involved in any investigations, what possible reason did she have for unmasking names other than political reasons?

Now about those accusations about collusion with the Russians to influence an election.  This is 100% absolutely just does not apply to the 2016 election. The Democrats did it in the 1984 election. 

According to Soviet documents revealed in the early 1990's, Ted Kennedy in 1984 literally asked the Soviets--the enemy of the United States--to intervene on behalf of the Democratic Party in the 1984 election.  Kennedy even offered to help the Soviets deal with Reagan by telling them how to brush up on their propaganda. 

But back to those Nixon comparisons. 

How is firing a FBI Director that both parties and the American people believe was no longer fulfilling his duties like Nixon?  Right up until President Trump fired Comey, Democrats were demanding Comey be fired. 

30 October 2016: Former Senate Majority Leader D-Harry Reid accused Comey of breaking the Hatch Act by disclosing details about the Clinton investigation 11 days before the Presidential election.

31 October 2016: D-Steve Cohen called for Comey's resignation and reiterated that call in a 3 November opinion column published in The Hill. 

2 November 2016: D-Chuck Schumer told Bloomberg Newd that he had lost confidence in Comey for his handling of Clinton's e-mail investigation. 

13 January 2017: Democrats blasted Comey after a briefing on the agency's investigation on Russian election interference.  D-Hank Johnson said, "My confidence in the FBI director's ability to lead this agency has been shaken." D-Maxine Waters made her view on it perfectly clear when she said, "The FBI director has no credibility."

24 January 2017: D-G.K. Butterfield said, "I think James Comey needs to fade away into oblivion.  He embarrassed this nation...he should not hold any position of trust, whatsoever, in our government. 

If firing Comey is akin to Nixon's use of the Federal Government to target political opponents, then aren't the Democrats who called for his firing complicit in that as well?  

As if we needed any more proof that liberals and Democrats have no actual position on anything--other than to obstruct progress and be against everything Conservatives and Republicans stand for--their hypocrisy on the Comey firing and ridiculous Nixon comparisons, reveals their true selves.  

Hollow, shallow, and baseless.