Monday, April 30, 2018

Bullies will be Bullies

Very typical of the leftists, liberals, and democrats to use the White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) to insult, impugn, and verbally attack Conservatives. 

To call Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar after we endured 8 years of Obama and his lies! Here’s a refresher, in case you forgot: 

If you like your plan you can keep your plan.  Lie. 

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  Lie.

My plan will cut the annual cost for the average family by $2,500.  Lie. 

The day after Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.  Lie. 

I didn't call the Islamic State a 'JV' team.”  Lie. 

I didn’t tweet that under the JCPOA Iran Deal that Iran can’t build a secret nuclear weapon.  Lie.

There are of course MORE lies I could mention, but you get the point. 

A “mean girl” got on stage and made fun of a hard working mom, wife, and career woman who never said an ill word about her.  Yes, Trump has fought back against liberals who continuously talk shit about him, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t speak ill of Michelle Wolf.  

This was straight up bullying.  Typical leftist behavior.

How do we teach children not to bully when the so-called “adults” are bullying a woman at a black tie event broadcast on live TV. 

I guess #metoo is only for liberal women.  

I guess liberal females are fine with women being harassed, just so long as it’s Conservative women.  

I guess a married mother of three working more than 40 hours a week in a high stress job doesn’t deserve respect, if she’s a Conservative.  

I guess we can’t say a single disparaging word about the physical appearance of a morbidly obese liberal women, with purple hair, wearing grossly ill fitting clothing, and posting bikini shots on social media...because you know, “body shaming” is bad.  But it’s fair game for liberal women to pick apart the always classy Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

Liberals advocate for a government led by only themselves having complete power (commonly known as a dictatorship), forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing their own form of nationalism and racism.  

This, not surprisingly, is also the definition for fascism.  

This is the form of government most preferred by communist and socialist regimes led by Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the Castro’s, Hugo Chavez and Maduro, Hitler, Lenin, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, Stalin, Mussolini, the entire Kim regime, Mao, Bernie Sanders, the Clintons, and Obama.  All those precious little liberals in their Gap brand “Che” t-shirts is just so a “isn’t that so cute? They are wearing the image of a vicious, mass murderer and thinking they are so cultural.”  

Shame on all liberals who condoned the bullying of a woman at the WHCD in what is clearly an attempt to forcibly suppress opposition thought and criticism in a disgusting display of liberal pettiness while trying to play their own #metoo victim cards. 

Liberals condone bullying and lying, as long as their the ones doing it in the promotion of fascism.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Out Thought and Out Maneuvered

Let me first say that I am not anti-LGBT, but as a former military service member, I don’t appreciate liberal activists forcing their social experiments on the military.  

I served in the era of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Even though we knew who most of the lesbian soldiers were—as long as no one asked, and they didn’t admit it or act on it against us—we were all expected to coexist in harmony.  Which meant I had shower with women who found other women attractive, and yes they stared.  I’m not so vain to think they were attracted to me, but then again I don’t think all men would be attracted to me either, and I certainly wouldn’t shower with a group of men.  But of course my rights were never considered.  

The military has one purpose, to fight, kill, and defend this nation at all costs.

With Secretary Mattis in charge, I fully expect he’ll fundamentally transform our forces, and increase lethality, in ways we’ve not even thought of yet.  

President Trump had originally ordered the Pentagon to reinstate a ban on transgender people serving in the military.   

This isn’t because of bigotry, it’s because there are serious military-readiness considerations concerning transgender service members.  I know it’s not PC to say out loud, but there are mental health concerns, certainly physical concerns with people undergoing surgical procedures, and hormone therapy. These are legitimate issues that military leaders are looking at in terms of force readiness.

But Trump wanted to reinstate the ban.  Cue the Soros-backed and paid for protests and start the litigation. 

In what has become all too familiar judicial activism, a court stepped in, and said that banning transgendered service members was unconstitutional...much to the delight of the liberals and their propagandist media. 

The Pentagon confirmed on 26 February the first transgender recruit had signed up for military service, despite the White House calling for a ban against such personnel from serving in the armed forces.

Social Justice Warriors delight! Looks like they won, Trump lost, celebration time!  Woohoo!!!

Not so fast. 

While no one was paying attention, Secretary Mattis made a new policy aimed at increasing force readiness and lethality.

On 14 February he instated the “Deploy or Get Out” policy.  

According to this policy, service members who have been on non-deployable status for a year, or will be non-deployable  for the next 12 months, will be discharged. 

Who will be impacted? Overweight service members who have not passed at PT or BMI test in a year, service members on a “profile” for any number of ailments that prevent them from deploying ranging from asthma, dental issues, non-combat related injuries...a number of issues. 

Female service members who are pregnant, give birth, and are on maternity recovery are exempted from this. 

Here’s a thought...and I’m just spitballing here...but I’m thinking service members who are having optional gender reassignment surgery will probably not be excluded.  I’m thinking that service members who require regular hormone therapy will probably not be exempted.

I’m thinking Secretary Mattis just played the Trump card.  While liberals, SJW, et al were celebrating, Mattis out maneuvered them...and they still haven’t even realized it yet.

Again, this is not bigotry or transphobia.  

The fact is, the military is not a jobs program, and people don’t have a right to serve.  Serving is a privilege, a sacrifice, and an honor.  Everyone who signs up should know their ultimate duty is to fight for this great country...not take advantage of the expensive taxpayer funded optional medical procedures that have nothing to do with service related injuries.  

In a job defined by selfless service, self absorbed selfishness has no room.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

See No Evil, Report No Evil....for Money

After a senseless tragedy, reasonable people look for a reason why the tragedy happened, look to see who is to blame, and look to see what can be changed so similar tragedies can be avoided.   

In the wake of the Parkland event, we see a very troubled young man with years of displaying suspicious behavior.  We learned the authorities had been called to his residence 45 times. He’d had numerous incidents at school.   We learned he brandished his weapons, threatened people...but was never charged or jailed.  

Conservatives lament at how the system failed.  A systemic government failure of this proportion is surely proof that more government is clearly NOT the answer.

Liberals unsurprisingly blame the gun and the NRA.  Yawn.  That argument is as old and worn out as those nasty, old, skid marked underpants of Bill’s that Hillary tried to donate for a tax break and that blue dress with the dried ejaculatory evidence on it.

But to my surprise, perhaps the answer is more more diabolical...much more sinister.  What if this wasn’t government failure at its worst? 

What if this was liberal activism, back by bigotry and based on myths, put into action by a rogue “regime.”

Obama and his Departments of Education and Justice—under Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder—issued school guidelines in 2014 that claimed students of color are “disproportionately impacted” by suspensions and expulsions, a situation they said leads to a “school-to-prison pipeline” that discriminates against minority and low-income students.  

And this didn’t stop in school...this policy was for also for law enforcement to not arrest or prosecute criminals.

So school systems and police departments were incentivized to look the other way.   

To put this more bluntly—the Obama administration paid authorities, with your taxpayer dollars, to not do their jobs. 

And wouldn’t you know, it just so happens that Broward County was the first to have the goal of lowering suspensions, lowering expulsions, lowering arrests.

You don’t say!? 

Broward County decided to reduce police involvement by not bringing in cops to arrest kids for a whole range of serious offenses, and then, as you would expect, the arrests go down when you stop arresting.  Simple math.  Weird?  No.

In the liberal, backwards mind of the community organizer, less arrests were taken to be a sign of success.  

So ignoring crime and letting it run rampant—to a liberal—is seen as success.  Um...ya. 

I’ll remind you, this policy went into effect just as Nikolas Cruz was entering high school.  

The numerous infractions, police calls to his house...he wasn’t detained, arrested, or charged. 

This wasn’t because he slipped through the cracks.

It was because the Obama administration paid the Cowards of Broward to look the other way.  

How do you think they were able to buy that Lamborghini?  They used your money, that they were given by the Obama administration, to look the other way.

But ya...liberals keep telling us that guns are the problem.  

In reality, the problem is—and has always been—liberal policies based on SJW mentality and victim hood mythology.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

How Precious

After 18 years of being told how precious they are; getting gold stars on every piece of homework no matter how poorly done; getting participation trophies for losing seasons; never being disciplined; never told no, or faced rejection, failure, responsibility, or consequences; coupled with years of playing violent video games; being enchanted by the Hollywood and music culture of violence, rape, and drugs; and instantaneous notoriety by 24/7 media rushing to politicize every act of violence—instead of condemning it—with a faux-righteous indignation; we unleash these young people into society.  

A society that doesn’t give a damn how precious your mommy and daddy said you were, that has neither the time or patience for ill-performed work, and has zero tolerance for showing up late to work. A society where more people are going to swipe left and you are going to face rejection and failure.  A society where responsibilities and consequences are real—and mommy and daddy won’t be there to clean up your mess. 

How do we expect people who have lived in a bubble are going to react to these feelings and situations when they have never been taught to deal with them?  

Sadly, far too often, it has been with violence. Mental illness or not, the recent shootings in Aurora, Sutherland Springs, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Santa Barbara, and now in Parkland have similarities in common that can’t be ignored.
Children need to be raised in reality, not some artificial bubble.  Children need parents to act parental, not like their best friend.  Liberals continue to bully society into normalizing every act of deviance.  Liberals have been largely successful at “mainstreaming” children into schools with severe mental, physical, and developmental disabilities.  And we really can’t overstate the damage that the liberal “victim” mentality and overuse of medication for hyper, overactive, and over-stimulated children has done in creating a permanent excuse for never being held accountable.

Children have become accustomed to being treated like a “star”—and all the entitlements that go along with that—so they are never “triggered.”   

Because we’ve seen far to often what happens when children who grew up in their fake realities are “triggered” in the real world...and it never ends well. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Triggered much?

Stop it! 

Stop trying to be so PC that you enter into total idiocracy. 
Looking at you, Justin Trudeau.  

For interrupting a woman, to correct her for saying “mankind” and scolding her that she should say “peoplekind,” you have earned the “Idiot of the Week” award. 

Mankind is short for hu•man•kind.  The human race, human species, humanity—a specific species of mammals, indifferent to race or gender.  

Justin Trudeau—you are an idiot.  

Are we no longer allowed by liberal, fascist, nazi thought police to say any word that includes some version of “man?”  

This nonsense is from the people who have anointed themselves as the people of “science” and snicker that Conservatives are “flat Earth people.”  

Stop re-writing vocabulary words because you are an ineffectual, snowflake triggered, attention seeking, media whore.  

Grow up.  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Idiomatic Antithesis: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

NFL players, ESPN, liberal pundits, and leftist media have been desperately trying to change the narrative and say the NFL protest has nothing to do with the flag or disrespecting the flag.  

This is a liberal attempt to re-write facts. It's what they do—their modus operandi is to constantly shift the narrative, like going from white privilege to white nationalism to white supremacy.  They don't like the historical fact that the Democrat Party invented the KKK, so they try to erase history and re-write it.  They don't like the reaction they got for disrespecting the flag during NFL games, so they are trying to re-write what the protest is in an effort to conceal the fact that it all began by an anti-American, Marxist, who hates the flag.

It is a protest against the flag. 

The man who started this crap said, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color." 

Well, there it is folks...his whole point was to disrespect the flag. 

The backlash against the players, the owners, and the networks was much worse than the left anticipated.  Tickets sales are down, viewership has plummeted, and networks have had to repay companies who bought advertising time during games.  All this has had a ripple effect on sports bars, sports apparel retailers, and other parts of the industry.

So now the lie begins.  Now they are claiming they weren't really protesting the flag or the National Anthem when they took a knee during the presentation of the colors and playing of the Star Spangled Banner.  

They were showing "unity."  Um...unity for what?  Unity against what?  As has been noted, the statistical facts aren't on their side when it come to race-based police brutality.  

In fact, for all their blustering, the left is not against racism.  They actively promote it---as long as it's against the correct race.  

The liberal, made up phrase "white privilege" is a racist term.  Racism is defined as "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."  

Racism is accusing me of having some undefinable privilege based on my skin color that abstractly contributed to any perceived success I have attained.  How dare anyone assume that I haven't worked my ass off to earn my own accomplishments?  It's racist, offensive, and it is an excuse that lazy, small minded people use to explain why others might have more perceived success than themselves. 

By week three of the 2017 NFL season, some of the players took to kneeling before the Anthem plays, but standing during the Anthem and locking arms to show "unity.”  The optic here is that their protest has now morphed into a “f*ck you” to Trump and—by extension—Trump voters. 

They are still protesting during the Anthem, an idiomatic antithesis: technically adhering to the letter of rule versus the spirit of it.  Anything other than able-bodied Americans standing straight up with head covers removed and their right hand over their hearts is simply unacceptable.  Gestures before or after the that sacred act of patriotism can only be interpreted as divisive identity politics demonstrated on the field of play.  

The NFL has some upstanding players.  Yes, that is absolutely true.

It also employs a host of deviants who have committed crimes ranging from murder, wife beating, child abusing, raping, illegal dog fighting, illegal drug use and dealing, drunk driving, armed robbery, assault, illegal gun possession...and the list goes on and on—many of these players are still playing, and many avoided jail. Talk about privilege!?

No wonder the players are so anti-police...they certainly have enough runs-in with the law.   But I guess we are to believe those were all cases of racism...not cases of over paid multi-millionaires who think they are above the law. 

Ya...when I start looking to the NFL to be my moral compass, I'm pretty sure that is a sign of the impending apocalypse. 

It’s just too easy to turn the channel off. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bend the Knee or Stand Accused

Liberals love to accuse opponents of racism and bigotry.  When liberals have nothing but emotion-based arguments built on fantasy, they accuse their opposition of racism and bigotry.  
It's intellectually lazy and it's getting old.

It's also vicious and divisive--which is exactly what the left loves.  The entire premise of identity politics promoted by the left is based on dividing people into groups and pitting them against each other.  

The liberal protest of kneeling for the National Anthem has set up a nasty false narrative.  If we are to believe that those who kneel are protesting racism and police brutality against blacks...what does that say about those who stand?  Are people who don't kneel for racism and for police brutality?  Is that the false choice the liberals are forcing people to make?  Join the protest or be accused of racism?  It's the logical fallacy that if you're not with them, then by default, you are against them.

How dare liberals turn respect for the Nation and honoring this country and those who serve into a political statement.   Standing for the flag is a unifying act that unites us as a Nation.  Not a political statement.  Liberals have vilified one of the most sacred acts of patriotism.

Go figure, the socialists and communist loving libs have found a new way to demonize Patriotism.

As I have said before, it's no longer enough to simply tolerate the left and their views and their must be an active participant or face being accused of racism or bigotry.  Those who don't submit to the liberal agenda by bending the knee face being accused of racism and promoting police brutality.  

Liberals are setting up a very dangerous narrative here where they are slowly depicting the American flag as a symbol of racism, like the Confederate flag.  By falsely equating kneeling during the presentation of the colors as a protest against racism, they are simultaneously falsely equating respect for the American flag as support for racism.

Liberals won't be satisfied until every American flag is torn down.  Mark my words.