Sunday, October 1, 2017

Idiomatic Antithesis: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

NFL players, ESPN, liberal pundits, and leftist media have been desperately trying to change the narrative and say the NFL protest has nothing to do with the flag or disrespecting the flag.  

This is a liberal attempt to re-write facts. It's what they do—their modus operandi is to constantly shift the narrative, like going from white privilege to white nationalism to white supremacy.  They don't like the historical fact that the Democrat Party invented the KKK, so they try to erase history and re-write it.  They don't like the reaction they got for disrespecting the flag during NFL games, so they are trying to re-write what the protest is in an effort to conceal the fact that it all began by an anti-American, Marxist, who hates the flag.

It is a protest against the flag. 

The man who started this crap said, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color." 

Well, there it is folks...his whole point was to disrespect the flag. 

The backlash against the players, the owners, and the networks was much worse than the left anticipated.  Tickets sales are down, viewership has plummeted, and networks have had to repay companies who bought advertising time during games.  All this has had a ripple effect on sports bars, sports apparel retailers, and other parts of the industry.

So now the lie begins.  Now they are claiming they weren't really protesting the flag or the National Anthem when they took a knee during the presentation of the colors and playing of the Star Spangled Banner.  

They were showing "unity."  Um...unity for what?  Unity against what?  As has been noted, the statistical facts aren't on their side when it come to race-based police brutality.  

In fact, for all their blustering, the left is not against racism.  They actively promote it---as long as it's against the correct race.  

The liberal, made up phrase "white privilege" is a racist term.  Racism is defined as "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."  

Racism is accusing me of having some undefinable privilege based on my skin color that abstractly contributed to any perceived success I have attained.  How dare anyone assume that I haven't worked my ass off to earn my own accomplishments?  It's racist, offensive, and it is an excuse that lazy, small minded people use to explain why others might have more perceived success than themselves. 

By week three of the 2017 NFL season, some of the players took to kneeling before the Anthem plays, but standing during the Anthem and locking arms to show "unity.”  The optic here is that their protest has now morphed into a “f*ck you” to Trump and—by extension—Trump voters. 

They are still protesting during the Anthem, an idiomatic antithesis: technically adhering to the letter of rule versus the spirit of it.  Anything other than able-bodied Americans standing straight up with head covers removed and their right hand over their hearts is simply unacceptable.  Gestures before or after the that sacred act of patriotism can only be interpreted as divisive identity politics demonstrated on the field of play.  

The NFL has some upstanding players.  Yes, that is absolutely true.

It also employs a host of deviants who have committed crimes ranging from murder, wife beating, child abusing, raping, illegal dog fighting, illegal drug use and dealing, drunk driving, armed robbery, assault, illegal gun possession...and the list goes on and on—many of these players are still playing, and many avoided jail. Talk about privilege!?

No wonder the players are so anti-police...they certainly have enough runs-in with the law.   But I guess we are to believe those were all cases of racism...not cases of over paid multi-millionaires who think they are above the law. 

Ya...when I start looking to the NFL to be my moral compass, I'm pretty sure that is a sign of the impending apocalypse. 

It’s just too easy to turn the channel off. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bend the Knee or Stand Accused

Liberals love to accuse opponents of racism and bigotry.  When liberals have nothing but emotion-based arguments built on fantasy, they accuse their opposition of racism and bigotry.  
It's intellectually lazy and it's getting old.

It's also vicious and divisive--which is exactly what the left loves.  The entire premise of identity politics promoted by the left is based on dividing people into groups and pitting them against each other.  

The liberal protest of kneeling for the National Anthem has set up a nasty false narrative.  If we are to believe that those who kneel are protesting racism and police brutality against blacks...what does that say about those who stand?  Are people who don't kneel for racism and for police brutality?  Is that the false choice the liberals are forcing people to make?  Join the protest or be accused of racism?  It's the logical fallacy that if you're not with them, then by default, you are against them.

How dare liberals turn respect for the Nation and honoring this country and those who serve into a political statement.   Standing for the flag is a unifying act that unites us as a Nation.  Not a political statement.  Liberals have vilified one of the most sacred acts of patriotism.

Go figure, the socialists and communist loving libs have found a new way to demonize Patriotism.

As I have said before, it's no longer enough to simply tolerate the left and their views and their must be an active participant or face being accused of racism or bigotry.  Those who don't submit to the liberal agenda by bending the knee face being accused of racism and promoting police brutality.  

Liberals are setting up a very dangerous narrative here where they are slowly depicting the American flag as a symbol of racism, like the Confederate flag.  By falsely equating kneeling during the presentation of the colors as a protest against racism, they are simultaneously falsely equating respect for the American flag as support for racism.

Liberals won't be satisfied until every American flag is torn down.  Mark my words.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Personal Foul! Penalty. Loss in Revenue and Popular Support

After 9/11, the thing I found comfort in was the display of the flag and respect for the USA.  Flags waved proudly and people stood, removed hats, put their hands on their hearts, and embraced the National Anthem.  People either sang or mouthed the words with tears running down their faces.  Flags displayed over freeways, on roadsides, in front of houses, on fire trucks, and yes....on the car of fellow Americans.  The flag and our anthem were unifying items that brought this Nation together after tragedy. 

Today, the left and liberal elite chose to use these same symbols to divide the country.  

One communist, Marxist loving athlete--inspired by a misguided movement that began under Obama, and based on a lie--decided to kneel during presentation of the Colors and the playing of the National Anthem.  

Yes, I said it.  Black Lives Matter is based entirely on a lie.  Michael Brown was not an innocent babe gunned down by a racist cop.  He was a street thug who robbed a store and then assaulted the police officer who engaged him, tried to go for the cop's gun, and was shot and killed.  The incident  gained media momentum--spurred by lies and misdirection--and sparked a wave of violence and destruction.

Obama's own DOJ investigators found it to be a clean kill, justice in the eyes of the law, and that the police officer did not violate procedures.

But that didn't matter to the left.

Obama's war on police began almost on day one of his Presidency.  It was architected, planned, and systematic.  In nearly every high profile case in an officer involved shooting, Obama sided with the criminal and not the police.  And in just about every case, an investigation proved the police officer lawfully discharged his weapon in protection of his/her own life.  Obama always came down on the wrong side of the law in these situations--FACT.

The damage was done.  Adherents to BLM began targeting police.  They began assassinating police.  

But where was the FBI and DHS in declaring BLM a hate group or domestic terrorist group?  I can tell you...they were hiding behind the feckless leadership of Director Comey and Secretary Johnson.  The unlawful use of force or violence to intimidate or coerce the government or the civilian population in the furtherance of social objectives is domestic terrorism.  What these groups engaged in...qualifies.

Did Obama condemn the violence?  Was Obama put on the spot by media and public figures to condemn the violence as President Trump was after the Charlottesville violence?  


He invited BLM leaders to the White House.  He legitimized their cause with the power of the office he held.

Now here we are.  A substandard athlete, who was on the verge of being cut from the team, decided to make a political statement in a last ditch effort to retain some relevancy.  In doing so, he could claim that he was let go because of "racism", or his political views...but certainly, it could not possibly be his performance on the field.  Surely he's not out of a job because he just can't cut it in the must be because his race or politics.  

Now enter the 2016 Presidential election.  

Boom!  Now there is a new protest every damn day.  Leftists lost their minds because Trump won.  I can't even keep up with the onslaught of protests.  It's exhausting...and ridiculous. 

I don't know what the NFL players are protesting.  Police brutality?  Um no...FBI and state police stats just don't back that up.  Try again. 

And what is the event these players are waiting for before their "protest" is complete?  What action are they hoping for?  What has to happen to accomplish the objectives of these protests?  Furthermore, how is kneeling accomplishing the objective?

I get that this is America and people have the right to peacefully protest.  I'm a disabled veteran.  I earned my rights, I didn't just have them handed to me by others who had the courage to step up and swear an oath while I stood on the sidelines.  I'm also a woman, a major segment of society who didn't have the right to vote until 1920.  We have that to look forward to in 23 months.

But when you show up to work, and put that uniform on, you are on the clock.  I served under Bill Clinton.  You think I agreed with everything that son of a bitch had the military doing?  Hell no.  Did I protest?  

No.  When you are at work, you do your damn job.  Same goes for NFL and any other profession.  

Protest on your own damn time....not during the National Anthem. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Did you just assume my Identity?

In this age where PC rules, and SJWs are trying to out-victim each other, the one constant continues to be the hypocrisy of the left.  

With dozens of new gender, racial, sexual "identities," coupled with threats to prosecute people for hate crimes for referring to someone by the wrong pronoun, we are continually being warned not to attempt to identify others.

Doing so will undoubtedly prompt a scathing rebuttal of "Did you just assume my identity?"  

As is always the case with the left, these rules only apply to Conservatives.  They, of course, are free to do identify and label Conservatives as white supramacists, white nationalists, and racists with zero proof or concern for who we are or how we self identify.  

Calling someone a racist has become the familiar go-to insult for any Conservative winning a political argument with a liberal by using facts when all the liberal brought to the discussion was irrational emotion.  

When a politically motivated Democrat, with a Facebook page filled with hateful anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric, drove across the nation with a kill list of Republicans his pocket and showed up at a Republican softball practice and opened fire on Republican-elected officials and their staff, we were told we can't possibly assume to know what his intention was and that it was not an act of domestic terrorism or a hate crime.  

When a man whose car was being beaten by protesters, antifa, and BLM members hit the gas pedal and ran into a crowd, killing one and injuring several others, we are told he was undoubtedly a white supremacist, a racist, and that the DOJ is considering prosecuting his crime as an act of domestic terrorism or a hate crime or both.  

Let me be very clear here: this post is not intended get into debate over which hate group in Charlottesville that weekend has morale superiority over the other hate groups, or what their motivations were.  All hate groups are disgusting and dangerous and cannot be toleratede.  Everyone who went to that event was looking for an altercation of some sort.  The driver is in custody and will be held accountable his actions.   

My point is on how both of these incidents were treated by the Democrats and the media.  

In one case, the Democrats and media bent over backwards trying to distance themselves from the shooter who clearly targeted elected Republicans and their staff at a softball practice and repeatedly told us that his actions didn't represent them or their political values.  

In the other case, in what is one of the most extreme examples of logical fallacy that I have ever seen, Democrats and their propaganda media claim the driver represents all Conservatives and Republicans.  This week, Democrats labeled all Trump voters as racist and Fake News purveyor CNN even peddled an insane story that all Trump voters are white supremacists by default...all of them.  

To put this in words that even the most intellectually challenged leftist can understand: don't ever try to assume my identity or label me. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Due Diligence Triumphs Willful Ignorance

After 8 years of Obama racing to a microphone to take a stand on the wrong side of facts--saying the Cambridge police "acted stupidly," saying if he had a son he'd "look like Trayvon" [Martin], or saying the death of Michael Brown was an example of "guilty of walking while black,"--it is refreshing that President Trump waited until he was given facts before making specific comments about the events over the weekend.  

In his initial comments on the day of the protest, he condemned violence of both sides of protestors, and rightfully so.  

Both sides went there looking for a fight.  

Once President Trump was armed with the facts, he made a statement specifically calling out extremist groups by name.  

That is more than we ever got from Obama over the last 8 years.  

I'm still waiting for Obama to condemn Black Lives Matter for their shameless promotion of extremism and violence resulting in the death of at least 11 police officers.  Instead of condemning the group and their violence, Obama actually invited the Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House. 

Additionally, let's not forget that for six years after radical, Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 and injured 30 other soldiers on Fort Hood, Obama called it "workplace violence," not Islamic extremism and certainly not terrorism. 

The media gave Obama a pass for his ill-conceived statements on Henry Louis Gates Jr., who was rightfully arrested by Cambridge police for acting belligerently and not following police commands. 

The media never questioned Obama for his ill-conceived statements on the killing of Trayvon Martin, who a jury determined was killed by a man acting in self-defense while Martin beat fact the media colluded to edit 911 tapes to help portray the incident as a racially-motivated hate crime.

The media cheered Obama for his ill-conceived statements on Michael Brown, who Obama's own DOJ determined was a justified shooting and cleared the police officer involved.

Obama will forever be remembered for being on the wrong side of facts and the wrong side of history.  

So yes, it is refreshing that we finally have a President who waited to be briefed--and for facts--before making a statement concerning a volatile, racially charged incident.  

To those who said his comments were "too little, too late" where were you when Obama was "too soon and too wrong?"  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tall Tales of Liberal Handmaidens

I refuse to watch the new Hulu television series, The Handmaiden's Tale--because of the left's total distortion of facts to try and portray this work of fiction as being "extremely timely" and "relevant" in today's political environment. 

On 27 June, liberal snowflakes dressed as women from Hulu’s television production of The Handmaid’s Tale--Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian feminist novel about a totalitarian theocracy that forces women to procreate--to protest the GOP proposal to strip taxpayer funding of Plan Parenthood. 

This act alone signifies the lengths--and cheap theatrics--the left will go to lie and distort the TRUTH.  This is why people just don't take liberals seriously. 

  1. Conservatives are not promoting, or passing, laws to force women into sex slavery for the purpose of procreation.  
  2. The draft GOP healthcare bill does not shut down or ban Planned Parenthood (PP)--it simply removes tax payer funding for it.  It would seem to me that an organization the left feels is so essential, should be able to survive with their generous charitable contributions?  The myth that PP offers women's health services besides abortion, like mammograms, has been overwhelmingly debunked by their own CE0 under oath in open testimony.  All they do is abortion, harvest, and sell dead baby parts. Period. The so-called "pre-natal ultrasounds" they perform are not to determine the development of the fetus for a healthy birth.  They are done to determine the growth of the fetus to see if it matches a customer's purchase order for those baby parts at that stage of development.  This is all about supply and demand--PP is a for-profit organization.  They don't need tax payer money, and I certainly don't approve of any of MY tax dollars going to it. 
  3. No one is challenging the law legalizing abortion.  It is the law--any women in this country is able to get one.  How are today's liberal "Handmaidens" trying to liken themselves to fictional characters forced to have babies?  To the best of my knowledge, no one is forcing liberal snowflakes to have sex or have babies.  
  4. There are several contraceptives available to to prevent unwanted pregnancy: abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, diaphragm, implants, Intrauterine devices, and the morning after pill to name a few.  All available to women today. 

Here's the thing liberals, and you idiot "Handmaidens," you are free to do whatever you want in your bedroom.  

Let your freak flags fly and do the nasty with whoever you want.  

Go for it.  I agree, the government has no business dictating "morality" or what you do behind closed doors. 

But don't wag your hypocritical, left-wing finger at the rest of us.  Don't tell us we have no right to judge what you do in that bedroom, and then tell us it's our responsibility to pay for the outcome of what occurred on that bedroom. 

Grow up.  You want to engage in adult activities that have very real consequences, like creating another life, then you pay for it. You want to abort a baby, fine, then you pay for it.  

Is there a recent story about women in the world being forced into sex slavery and forced to have their rapists babies?  

Oh yeah, two years ago during President Obama's Administration when Boko Haram kidnapped 276 Nigerian girls.  The non-Muslim girls were forced to convert to Islam, and many were forced into "marriage," others were sold off to men and groups in neighboring countries.  In the past two years, some girls died, some girls have never been found, some girls successfully escaped, and others were released.  Many had the babies of their rapists.  

Clearly, since the notion of forced sex slavery and procreation is so upsetting to the left, you can be assured they mounted an overwhelming response to save these girls, right?  

Well, not so much.  But I'm sure the lucky girls, that found their freedom, were "super impressed" by Michell Obama's hashtag campaign on Facebook in which she, and other celebrities, simply posted a picture of themselves holding a sign that read: "#saveourgirls."  Um, yeah.  

Sorry liberal "Handmaidens," your pathetic publicity stunt to portray yourselves as sex slaves forced into procreation can't be farther from the truth.  

Not forcing me to pay for your abortion is NOT comparable to me forcing you to have sex and have babies.  

The liberal stunt today was just the latest tall tale, otherwise known as Fake News, spun by the left.  

But what do we expect from a bunch cry babies who were wearing pussy hats just a few months ago?


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Obstruction and Obfuscation

Now this is some obstruction of justice folks.  Read this: Judicial Watch!

By sending all this EVIDENCE to the "Obama Library"--which by the way has not been built yet--it can't be touched by five years.  

Do you seriously think it will still be there in five years? 

Good ol' Hil took a hammer to her storage devices to destroy her illegal, classified, e-mails that she received and shared with those without a "Need to Know" on her illegal private server she set up in her offsite bathroom. 

Bill sent in Sandy "The Burglar" Berger into the National Archives to stuff evidence, of his Administration's incompetence in killing UBL before 9/11, down his pants. 

Let's not forget the now known testimony of Mr. Comey--under oath--saying Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to refer in public to the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation as a "matter."   To LIE to the public.

Let's not forget the now infamous tarmac incident--when Lynch met with Bill RIGHT before Comey came out and listed the plethora of laws Hillary BROKE and numerous times she LIED--but then let her go free.

Clearly Democrats and their "media" don't REALLY care about obstruction of justice...or this concealment of evidence would be a much bigger story.  

Obama  and his Administration is hiding behind Executive Privilege once with Fast and Furious. 

But let's continue the commentary on how President Trump's casual conversation with Mr. Comey in which he expressed his wish that the FBI could see a way past the Flynn investigation was possibly obstruction of justice. 

Ya.  That's totally on the same par.