Saturday, January 29, 2011

Punch lines, slogans, and other words that have been hijacked by the Liberals

     Civility, transparency, and change – oh my!   The 2008 election was all about transparency and change.  Those two words and the slogan, “Yes we can!” were used repeatedly, but have they rung true?  Has BO conducted himself with transparency?  I think making back room deals and passing monster bills in the middle of the night that no one has read answers that question.  While we are at it, let’s not forget about the issue of BO’s birth certificate, an issue that is so easy to resolve it makes me wonder why he hasn’t put it to rest yet.  BO is fueling the so-called Birther movement by not being transparent.  What possible reason does he have for not producing his birth certificate?  Of course that is the very question that has the Birthers is a tizzy.  
     I’m not sure what type of “change” BO was talking about on the campaign trial.  Has he changed anything?  It’s still politics as usual in DC.  The Dems---who have held a majority in the Senate since 2006 – are still blaming W for all the problems of the nation.  They like to pretend they have done nothing to get us to this point and continually try to re-write history editing out their contributions to the mess we currently find ourselves.  So…no change there.  
     Now the word de jour is “civility.”  Isn’t it convenient the Dems want to be civil now -- after a massive political upset in the November elections left them powerless in the House.   They want no name calling or no finger pointing and want to tone down the vicious rhetoric.  Really? Again, all too convenient now that they lost the House and realize that they are very likely to lose the Presidency and their control of the Senate in upcoming elections.   While they controlled the Senate, House, and Presidency did they act with civility?  No.  BO was a poor winner telling Republicans “I won”-- meaning he was in charge and, with his party controlling both the House and Senate at the time, there was no need for him to seek bipartisan solutions.  BO also told Republicans they could sit in the back [of the bus], a remark that brings us to my next topic – racism. Had Republicans told the first black President to sit in the back, there would surely have been immediate claims of racism with Dems drudging up the image or Rosa Parks.  In fact, almost anytime Republicans disagree with, or stand up, to BO they are called racist—insert Joe Wilson here. Calling a person racist each time he or she disagrees with someone of the opposite race is intellectually lazy and about the least civil thing you can do.  
     Let’s not kid ourselves.  While the Dems ruled without any checks or balances we’ve all seen the change we’ve learned to accept – more unemployment, more debt, and less prestige in the world as our president apologized and bowed his way across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We’ve seen their transparency as BO silently created a branch of czars and passed bills during holidays and in the dead of night that most of America didn’t want. And of course we’ve seen their brand of civility as they cry racism the minute anyone disagrees with BO and compare Republicans to Nazis.  No, we’ve seen what happens when the Dems are in charge.  Now when they see their grip on power slipping away they want to re-write history and paint themselves the victim and want to change the rules so they can’t be treated as “civilly” as they treated the rest of us.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BO calls for more spending...I mean "investment"...

Enough already with the left and so-called mainstream media falling all over themselves to compliment BO on his latest State of the Union Address.  They compared him to JFK, RFK, MLK and most insulting of all --- to Ronald Reagan!  The truth is---he’s absolutely none of those men and there is simply no comparison.  His speech had no substance and his proposals fail the reality test.  We simply have no more money to spend, though that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from printing more and more of it.  Until we make it profitable for companies to conduct business here, we will continue to see jobs going overseas and small business shut down and unemployment rise.
     Based on the direction BO has taken us in his first two years in office, anyone with common sense should realize he is setting out to destroy this country.  I totally understand what Rush meant when he said he hoped BO failed. I hoped so too. However, the sad reality is, so far BO has not failed.  He’s succeeded at getting much of his agenda shoved down the collective throats of the nation, and our country is suffering because of it.  What did people expect would happen when a man who sat in the church of “God damn America” for 20 years was elected as President?  Did they think someone with so much anger and hatred towards this country would want to raise us up or tear us down?  He is a man who spent his life as an agitator and did nothing to fix the grievances of his own community, just highlighted them and blamed others—something he is still doing despite the fact that he and his party are to blame for the current state of the Union.  
     When he was elected, he had no real record to speak of; he had no experience.  He had done nothing spectacular as a senator, other than vote “present” a few times, but he proved he could read a teleprompter pretty well.  Now, after two years as President, he has a record. Despite passing several life-altering bills, he has a record of failure.  Nothing he has passed has made this country a better place.   He has dragged this nation into a debt so great that our children and grandchildren will be the first generations to have worse standards of living than the generation who preceded them.  It’s not all bad though, he can still read a teleprompter pretty well.