Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Equal vs Equal

It seems to me that one of the major differences between conservatives and liberals is in how we “define” what is equal.   I define equality as all Americans having equal opportunities to obtain education, property ownership, jobs, and we are guaranteed protection under the law no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity.  For me, the whole basis of equality is that we all have the same opportunity to make our own way, earn the things we want, and make our dreams come true.  This is not how liberals define equality.   They define equality in terms of materialism and stuff gained.  They see the world through envious eyes.  Liberals always think that someone, or some segment of the population, has somehow acquired something they don’t have.  They think it’s their right to take half of it, tax it, or that something of “equal” value should be provided to them to make it “fair.”  What’s worse about this type of liberal thinking, is they actually try to portray themselves as some sort of modern day Robin Hood, taking from the greedy rich to give to the poor.  But that’s not what’s happening.  They are taking from their neighbors and redistributing it amongst themselves.  

More and more tax money is being collected for welfare programs, handouts, and entitlement programs, but less and less households are paying taxes.  For 2010, 45% of households won’t pay any U.S. income tax.   Liberals want the government to provide homes, healthcare, food, cars, advanced education, jobs, etc.  But there are three major flaws with that level of greed.  

The first is that if the government gives everyone homes, healthcare, food, cars, education---what’s left to work for?  Why would anyone bother working when their basic necessities are being met?  

The second is that the government pays for homes, healthcare, food, cars, advanced education, jobs with tax payer money.  At the rate we’re going, in a few more years, no one will be left paying taxes to fund all these entitlements (Note:  See how we’re right back at flaw number one? Already we are seeing an entire segment of the population who has literally existed generation after generation on welfare who no longer sees the need to work).  

Third, and this is a big one so pay attention, when the man in the big white plantation house on the hill decides what house your family lives in, makes healthcare decisions for your family, feeds your family, and gives you a job but keeps all your money—that’s generally referred to as slavery.   

Thanks, but I don’t need that kind of equality.