Friday, December 9, 2011

Just leave

BO gave another campaign speech this week in Kansas; a speech during which he tried for all his might to liken himself as much as possible to Roosevelt.  Of course, people should have known it was off to a rocky start when he opened by saying it was good to be in Texas. I guess we can’t hold that against him, it must be hard for him to remember which state he is in since he’s traveled to all “57” of them.   Yes America, sadly, this is the man the liberals think is one of the brightest and most skilled orators to grace the Oval Office.

What the speech did accomplish was BO finally being open about how he really feels about this country. BO said that the United States of America, as founded, "has never worked."   Think about that people---he said the country has never worked.  Yet, somehow we’ve become the richest nation the world has ever seen; we have the largest middles class, most powerful military, and the world’s largest GDP.   If we are a nation that has been broken since we were founded, how is it that we have succeeded where so many other countries have fallen short?  

Perhaps it is because the man doing the accusing has never liked the nation as it was founded.  A man who sat in the church of “God Damn America” for 20 years obviously isn’t proud to be an American.   BO has made it clear through his words and his actions that he embraces Marxism, communism, and socialism. But those are not the principles on which America was founded.   Our Founding Fathers set up a system that was essentially a mixture of capitalism and mercantilism which evolved into what we know as capitalism: personal wealth creation in the pursuit of economic growth for the nation.  I’d argue that it’d be pretty hard to say capitalism hasn’t worked out for us.

Our Founding Fathers set up a system that works, but it is a system modern Liberals have been chipping away at.  BO said during his Kansas campaign speech, “In the end, rebuilding this economy based on fair play, a fair shot and a fair share will require all of us to see the stake we have in each other's success."   Fair play?

Was it fair for him to blow $610 million tax payers’ dollars on Soyndra Inc. – under the guise of a guaranteed loan to a “green energy” company?  Taxpayers will never see that money again, but for lucky private investors like BO fundraiser, billionaire George Kaiser, the loan was structured so private investors, and BO supporters, moved ahead of taxpayers for repayment when the company filed for bankruptcy.

Was it fair for the Democrats to force banks to give home loans to citizens who couldn’t qualify for loans because Democrats, led by Barney Frank, insisted on enforcing their social engineering policy that everyone “deserves” to own a home? The collapse of the housing market was due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans that should have never been approved. That wasn’t Capitalism; that was liberal policy run amuck.

Was the Countrywide Financial loan scandal “fair?” In June 2008, the story broke of several influential lawmakers and politicians, including Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, and former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson receiving favorable mortgage financing from Countrywide by virtue of being "Friends of Angelo” – Angelo Mozilo, the Chairman and CEO of Countrywide Financial.  Yet another Fannie Mae’s Chairman and CEO, who also happened to be the White House budget director under President Clinton, Franklin Raines, refinanced his home twice for nearly a million apiece.  Other prominent loans recipients include Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., Barbara Boxer, Richard C. Holbrooke, James E. Clyburn, and Donna Shalala.   I don’t think rich and powerful Democrats getting sweetheart loans is very “fair.”

The notion of this president telling us what is “fair” or not when he’s been a part of some of the worst acts of cronyism, scandals, and steeling from the American taxpayers--is insulting. 

Here’s the thing America. Our country is special. This grand experiment our Founding Fathers began is amazing and nothing like it has ever existed before or succeeded like our nation has.  The system they set up works; I’m living proof. 

However, if one looks around, there are several current examples, and history is littered with examples, of communist and socialist countries.  How are the people of those nations’ faring? How strong is their “middle class?”  Oh that’s right, under those government systems there is no middle class.  In communist countries it’s simply the ruling class, and then everyone else—living in poverty.

The epitome of BO’s ego is that he thinks he can get communism right.  He thinks it just hasn’t been done correctly and he’s the one that will finally make it work.  It doesn’t work. It’s been tried over and over and over again. It doesn’t work. It never will because when the workforce sees no fruits of their labor, or any way to attain or retain personally property, they stop working. Eventually the government runs out of other people’s money.

So if you want to follow BO down his path to communism and socialism, I have a request. Leave.  There are several countries already living under communism rules—go there if that’s how you want to live. Don’t destroy the US because you are too stupid to know and cherish the gift we’ve been given. Just leave.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on…or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
 ~ Ronald Reagan