Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chicago Thug Arms ISIS

So now it has been revealed that a gun used by the Islamic terrorists in the November 2015 Paris attack traces back to an Obama scandal that the liberal media have tried to dismiss and liberals try to ignore: Operation Fast and Furious.  For those of us who get our news from places besides ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, the Daily Show, or rags like the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, etc--we are well aware of what Operation Fast and Furious is.  For my new readers, or those who might have forgotten the details, let me refresh your memories. 

Operation Fast and Furious; run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE, a.k.a ATF); allowed weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers so the arms could be traced to the higher echelons of Mexican drug cartels to bolster the Obama Administration’s goal of stricter gun control legislation to erode the 2nd Amendment.  In other words, Obama wanted to show how "easy" it was for illegal guns in the U.S. to make their way to Mexico to be used in crimes as proof for why he needed more strict gun control legislation.  Instead of pulling stats from rare instances where this occurred---he did it himself to fabricate and pad the stats.  He had the ATF actually do the deed--they supplied the weapons and ensured they made their way into the hands Mexican criminals and ultimately the cartels.

As of October 2011, an undisclosed number of guns from this operation were found at 170 crime scenes!  In fact, guns from this operation were discovered at the scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder in December 2010, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was gunned down in February 2011 by weapons trafficked through this program, and an additional 57 Fast and Furious firearms were recovered at 11 other violent crime scenes in the American Southwest.  Operation Fast and Furious came to a screeching halt in January 2011, and Republicans in Congress started asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) questions about this program.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder originally testified to Congress in May 2011, that he had only heard about Operation Fast and Furious when program became public in the news--an all too familiar lie Obama and his minions continue to hide behind.

Holder continued to testify to Congress on what he knew about Fast and Furious and when he knew it, with his testimony increasingly contradicting itself.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform became exasperated with Holder and claimed the DOJ withheld information on the case despite repeatedly asking Eric Holder and the DOJ for documents which would make it crystal clear what Holder knew about Fast and Furious and when he knew it -- proving whether he lied under oath to Congress or not. 

Moments before Issa and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was set to vote on holding Eric Holder in contempt for failing to hand over the documents in question, Obama asserted “executive privilege” to keep the Committee from ever obtaining the documents.  Another stunning example of the most "transparent" Administration ever. 

Since then, stories have continued to trickle out about other horrific murders and crimes committed by criminals using guns that traced back to Operation Fast and Furious.  While each story is shocking and sad, the fact that a gun used in the Islamic terrorist attack in France in 2015--where 130 people were killed and 368 were injured--is by far the most egregious.  

Obama, the same man that lectures us about gun violence and cries crocodile tears over the loss of life--has broken more gun laws than every law abiding U.S. citizen who owns a gun. 

To add insult to injury, the weapon was traced back to the very same Phoenix gun owner who was used during Operation Fast and Furious to allow criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally.  This gun owner was also found to have at least two other unrelated federal firearms violations—for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic weapon after Operation Fast and Furious was shut down —but no enforcement or prosecutorial action was taken against the individual. 

Instead, ATF leaders went out of their way to keep the information under the radar and ensure that the gun owner’s identity was “kept quiet,” according to law enforcement sources involved with the case. “Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto[matic weapon], not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public." 

So let's get this straight, the same Administration that is constantly screaming for more gun laws and complaining that gun law violators aren't held accountable told the ATF essentially to "look the other way."  The ATF didn't arrest this Phoenix gun owner for violating the National Fire Arms Act for fear that it would then further expose their dirty little secrets and embarrass Obama.  

The level of corruption and blatant disregard for the law is overwhelming.  At what point does America wake up and hold this Administration accountable?  The fact that this Administration's lawlessness is directly culpable for contributing to an ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, France that resulted in the death or injury of nearly 500 people is nauseating.  But since the current DOJ under political crony Loretta Lynch is just as corrupt as it was under Eric Holder, I don't see any accountability for this Administration. 

There will be no transparency for America, no closure for families of the people cut down by these Obama-trafficked firearms, and no justice for the Paris terrorist attack victims. 

"Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country."  ~ Karl Kraus

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Political Theater

I have to hand it to the Democrats and their partners in crime—the media. Do they know how to stage a show or what?  Do they know how to add needless drama to a situation; how to misdirect, mislead, and outright lie about what is really going on?  The answer is yes; yes they do. 

The political theater that occurred over night and spilled into today is nothing short of a shameless stunt.  A stunt that depends on Americans and television viewers being completely ignorant about these little things that conservatives like to call (pause for dramatic effect) facts and our Constitutional Rights.

The Democrat’s petty, childish “Occupy the House” sit-in on the Hill last night and today is utterly pointless except to make their voters—which would be the very same people that several members of this Administration have called stupid and ignorant—believe something that is an outright falsehood.  A lie.

I know they don’t teach civics anymore in school.  That’s part of the union teacher-backed liberal agenda to keep kids from learning about how the United States Government is supposed to function, so when Democrats violate the separation of powers, their voters will be too dumb to notice or say anything.  So I’m going to explain this to you all very simply.

The Democrats drafted two gun-control measures: one to prohibit people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns and one to expand the already mandatory background checks to purchases at gun shows and online.

Both measures failed in the Senate earlier this week.  That means they are done, they can’t move forward, they didn’t garner the mandatory votes needed to pass out of committee. 

Then last night, House Democrats decide to “Occupy the House” and staged a sit-in to demand a vote on both bills.  They are trying to portray themselves as being denied due process, they are insinuating that their vote is being suppressed. There are three MAJOR problems with that:
  •  First, there cannot be a House vote on bills that never made it out of Senate committee.  
  • Second, how ironic that the Democrats who are pretending to be victims being denied the right to vote, and a right to due process, are actually protesting to pass laws that strip law abiding American citizens of their due process
  • Third, after the 2008 election, when the Democrats controlled the White House, and had majorities in both the House and the Senate, they could have passed all kinds of strict gun-control legislation…they didn’t.  This is how you know it is all an election-year show.  When they had control of Congress they could have done anything they wanted and the Republicans would have only been able to sit there and watch…they could have passed landmark laws on gay rightsThey didn’t.  They could have passed landmark laws on immigration.  They didn’t.  But now they want us to believe their issues are so important they literally had to stage a sleepover in the House chambers.
On a side note, if you want to see how easy it is for a person to become corrupted by power, I suggest you take a long, hard look at Democrat Representative John Lewis.  John Lewis, the son of sharecroppers who grew up in Alabama, became a 1960s-era Civil Rights icon who protested for equal protection under the law and the protection of Constitutional Rights for all.   Now that he is a rich and powerful Representative, he just staged a sit-in to deny law abiding citizen due processHe’s got his rights…he doesn’t believe you need yours.  Think about that for a minute.
I know the Democrat propaganda machine that calls themselves “the media” will not report any of what happened over night and today factually or honestly…but my hope remains that there are still people in the country who care about facts, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Maybe I care more because I signed on the dotted line and raised my hand to swear an oath of service to this Nation, but I think all Americans should care.

If you want to give up your rights, fine; you are free to do so.  But don’t you dare try to infringe on, or take away, my rights.

“There is no “slippery slope” toward loss of liberties, only a long staircase where each step downward must be tolerated by the American people and their leaders.”  ~ Alan K. Simpson, former Senator from Wyoming

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liberals: We Must Not Offend Anyone…Except Conservatives, We Support Offending Conservatives

Somewhere along the way, political correctness veered tragically off course and straight into Crazyville.

Liberals now think they have a “right” to live in a society where no one ever disagrees with them, no one ever challenges their ideas or ideology, and no one ever says anything whatsoever that could possibly be offensive.  All this from the same group of hypocrites who belong to the Democrat Party and try to convince everyone that they are the most tolerant and inclusive party in the Nation.  Sure they are, as long as you go along with everything they say.  If you do anything to the contrary, by invading their "safe space" or committing an oh so terrible "micro-aggression," they brand you a racist, homophobic, bigot, extremist, and terrorist.  

Obama, Hillary, the liberal media, and the left will not call the horrible terrorist attack in Orlando the result of Islamic extremism.  They don’t want to say anything that might possibly offend Muslims.

A new report just released by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Homeland Security Advisory Council says that the Department must reject use of terminology that creates an “us versus them” mentality.  

It’s funny how much the Democrats want to appease the Muslims in this country and abroad and yet they cannot show that same level of deference to their own countrymen who simply belong to a different political party.
  • In 2013, Senior White House Advisor Dan Pfeiffer compared Republican lawmakers to suicide bombers, arsonists, and kidnappers making ransom demands.   Apparently he was not worried about creating an “us versus them” mentality when it came to liberals versus conservatives. 

  • In 2015, Hillary Clinton compared conservative abortion groups to terrorist groups.  Apparently she was not worried about creating an "us versus them” mentality when it came to liberals versus conservatives. 
In the wake of the Islamic extremist terrorist attack in Orlando last weekend, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson made the news and talk show rounds saying that “right wing extremists” pose just as much threat to the country as Islamic extremists.  

So who does DHS consider to be a “right wing extremist?”  According to DHS’s own April 2009 report, they identified right wing extremists as white, gun owning veterans who are opposed to restrictive gun control legislation, didn’t vote for the first black President, have been impacted or are upset with the downturn in the economy, are opposed to unfettered illegal immigration, and worry about the threat to the Unites States from foreign countries.

According to that definition, this Administration considers me a right wing extremist.  

What about any of those views is extremist?  Yes, I am Caucasian and proud of my Franco-Scottish-Italian-American heritage.  That is not extremist.   I am a disabled veteran.  That is not extremist.  I practice my Second Amendment right to own firearms and oppose legislation that hinders my rights. That is not extremist.   In 2008 and 2012, I voted for the candidate who I felt would represent my views on issues of key importance to me; the candidates’ ethnicity and race did not matter to me. The fact that I didn’t vote for Obama is not extremist.  I worry about the current economy and my future retirement plans; I do not think this Administration’s economic policies have worked or are in the best interest of the country.  That is not extremist.  I support sustainable legal immigration, administering the laws we currently have, and I am opposed to illegal immigration.  That is not extremist.  National security and national defense are of the utmost importance to me and my desire to ensure my Homeland is safe from foreign threats.  That is not extremist.

So let me get this straight, Obama and his disgusting cronies view me as just as much of a threat as the people who attacked us on 9/11, the man who cowardly killed unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, the people who attacked our compound in Libya and then brutally raped, sodomized, tortured, and burned our US Ambassador in Benghazi, the brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon, the couple who attacked an office Christmas party in San Bernardino, and the person who terrorized and murdered 49 innocent people last weekend in Orlando.

Well guess what, I find that offensive.  How dare Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the liberals sit there on their high horses looking down their noses at me and other conservatives and falsely claim that they are the enlightened party free from bigotry, racism, and intolerance?  They want to pretend they have an air of superiority because they supposedly won’t stoop to calling and Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist, but they want to paint me and other conservatives with a wide brush and label me a right wing extremist!  They use harsher language against peaceful, conservative Americans who disagree with their ideology than they do against armed, Islamic terrorists who have attacked this country.  

Why is it that in the liberal mind, it is not only tolerated, but celebrated, to call someone like me names, but they dare not offend a Muslim?

Easy.  Because in their tiny minds, they really do know that conservatives are not extremists. 

If they draw a picture of Jesus Christ, we will not pick up arms, or construct a bomb, and hunt them down and kill them; but draw a picture of the Prophet Mohammad and a Muslim will do just that…in fact, Muslims have already done that.   

Just like a typical, name-calling bully, liberals pick on the people they know will not fight back.  We are too civilized.  We aren't the ones at political rallies throwing eggs, attacking police, burning flags, damaging cars, vandalizing property, tearing clothes off people, or pack hunting and physically assaulting people.  Liberals are doing that; and they call themselves the party of civility. 

But like any bullied child on the playground…someday we will have had enough, and we will fight back.  And that will not be extremism either.  That will be a revolution.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure."  ~ Thomas Jefferson

The Politics and Hierarchy of Victimhood

Our Nation was yet again attacked by an Islamic extremist terrorist; and sadly neither Obama nor Hillary can acknowledge that TRUTH.  You see, liberals belong to a political party comprised of victims, and there is a strict hierarchy to that victimhood.

The liberal-born pathology of victimhood--and by design dependency--mandates that all victims be categorized in terms of race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other sub-category of demographics that liberals invent to suit their needs--which is targeted campaign messaging to garner votes.  If they can convince people they are victims, then they can create a scapegoat to blame for the victimization.  The LGBT community is finally, albeit slowly, waking up to the realization that they are not the most important victims to liberals.

For reasons that are still beyond my comprehension, Obama, Hillary, liberals, and the Democratic Party have made Muslims a top tier victim group that must be protected at all costs.  In the liberal mind, black people are more of a victim than Native Americans and white people, women in general are more a victim than men, LGBT people are more a victim than heterosexuals, and Muslims are more a victim than any of the proceeding groups.  Of course the very top tier of victimhood is reserved for the two biggest and most important victims of all: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; two people the media (and themselves) would have you believe are the most wronged people on Earth.


As an example of this victim hierarchy, liberals shouting “Black Lives Matter” is perfectly acceptable, but saying “All Lives Matter” is racist.  In the liberal mind, all lives cannot possible matter when they have clearly placed black people on a victim tier above several other categories of people.

As another example, while I have no issues with an actual transsexual sharing a bathroom with me, there is really no way to know if the person next to me is truly a transsexual or a predator who is exploiting Obama’s policies to victimize me.  Yet, as you can clearly see on the Victim Hierarchy Chart, my rights as a heterosexual, White, woman are inconsequential to the rights of LGBTs, and I’m not able to stand up for my rights for fear of being branded a bigot.

In yet another example, when gay couples went to a Christian baker and a Muslim baker asking for a wedding cake and got refused, only the Christian baker was demonized and put out of business; the Muslim baker remained blissfully anonymous and lost no revenue.  While both bakeries refused to make the wedding cake, liberals categorized Muslims as the premier victim, and they were not held accountable for their bigotry against the gay couple, only the Christian baker was.  

Recently, with the LGBT bathroom policies, the LGBT community has found themselves in the spotlight as the victim de jour.  But before the LGBT communities rally behind Hillary—they should look at what she DOES rather than listen to her lies.
  • Algeria donated between $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clintons.  Algeria outlawed homosexuality 50 years ago. Gays and lesbians in the North African nation cannot serve in the military and are offered no discrimination protection. Algerian law on homosexuality states: “Anyone guilty of a homosexual act is punishable with imprisonment of between 2 months and two years, and with a fine.

  • The Nation of Brunei donated between $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to the Clintons.  The Nation of Brunei outlawed homosexual sex 100 years ago. Brunei’s penal code currently states: “Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman, or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall also be liable to fine.

  • Kuwait donated between $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 to the Clintons.  In the Western Asian country of Kuwait, gays and lesbians can be charged with debauchery and can serve up to seven years in prison. The nation’s law says “consensual intercourse between men of full age (from the age of 21) shall be punishable with a term of imprisonment of up to seven years.”

  • Sultanate of Oman donated between $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to the Clintons.  In Oman, “Anyone who commits erotic acts with a person of the same sex shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to three years,” according to the International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association.

  • Qatar donated between $5.8 million to the Clintons.  According to Qatar’s penal code, the penalty for the crime of homosexual sex is up to seven years in prison.

  • Saudi Arabia donated up to $50 million to the Clintons.  Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia enforces penalties for homosexual sex, ranging from public flogging to banishment from the country to death.  

  • United Arab Emirates donated up to $11.5 million to the Clintons.  A 2013 International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association report on state-sponsored homophobia states that “all sexual acts outside of heterosexual marriage are banned in the United Arab Emirates.”
It seems like Hillary’s greed for money, power, and influence from Muslim countries outweighs her support for LGBT rights in the United States and across the world.   

And when an Islamic extremist killed 49 LGBT people in a terrorist attack, neither Obama nor Hillary blamed the Muslim attacker or his twisted Islamic extremist ideology—they all too predictably blamed guns.

"If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim.  You feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievement is entitlement.  So now you think you are owed something and you don't have to work for it..."  ~ Condoleezza Rice