Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stupid is as Stupid Does

"Our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports...they are in desperate need of being either repaired and maintained or built," Clinton said during a rally last week. 

Huh?  We heard that already, right? Back in 2008 Obama said, "We'll put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges."  In fact, back then Obama said "we will create millions of jobs by making the single largest new investment in our national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s." 

He took nearly a trillion of your American tax dollars and told you he was going to spend it on infrastructure projects to build or repair roads and bridges and public transit in this widely publicized thing you might recall as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,  aka the Stimulus Act, where he promised thousands of "shovel ready jobs." 

Are our roads, bridges, and public transit still in need of repair?  You bet!  

So let's recap: We already spent a trillion dollars to fix our roads and bridges during the last 8 years under Democrat President Obama.  Our roads and bridges weren't fixed.  Democrat Hillary Clinton is currently campaigning to do the very same thing her direct predecessor promised to do. 

So what does that mean? 

1.  Where exactly did that trillion dollars go?

2.  Why are the Democrats always promising to do the same old shit, never getting it done, and their voters keep on voting for them?

The money issue is probably the easiest to explain.  We normally refer to this as money laundering and "pay to play." Democrat cronies donated to the DNC and Obama during the campaign in 2008.  They expected to be repaid.  Along came Stimulus, and BAM!--all of Obama's debts were paid.  It was that easy, especially since Democrats held majorities in both chambers of Congress.  No oppositions.

First, the Unions got their money.  Case in point, in Wisconsin, 80% of the so-called Stimulus money for that state went to the teacher's union, to be more specific that was about $600 million!

Pardon me, but are our teachers out there building bridges and roads or in the classroom rewriting history and indoctrinating our children per the liberal agenda that will one day collapse the country under socialism?  Obama took taxpayer money-->gave it to union employees-->who used it to pay their union dues-->which the union donated back to the Democrats.  What a scheme!  Follow the money.  Your money.

Frankly, the examples of fraud from the Stimulus Act are exhaustive, and I can't get into each one.

Moving on to question two is a much more difficult question to answer, and since I'm proudly not a Democrat, I'm not sure I'm able to give the answer.  I can merely speculate. 

Much like the quote, "the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the World he didn't exit," the Democrats--and their all-in propaganda media machine masquerading as as legitimate journalists-- have convinced their voter that "they care." 

They are never held accountable for results, just their stated, no matter how false, intention.  

Some people choose to live oblivious to reality.  They want the World to be as they want, not as it is, and simply disregard all facts that are contradictory to their imagination.   I mean, come on!  Senior Obama Administration officials have publicly confirmed that they lied to Democrat voters because they were so confident in the stupidity of the American [Democrat] voter.   They knew their base was too STUPID to know they were being lied to, or just didn't care.  Not my words, these were the words of this Democrat Administration. 

I'm not sure there can be another reason people vote this way beyond stupidity, and I don't mean that to be rude, it's just the only logical answer.  

Look at any Democrat stronghold city in America where Democrats have been the majority in office for decades--Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, DC--and tell me where all Democrat policies have bettered these cities?  High crime, high poverty, high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, low opportunities. 

I just wish voters wouldn't fall for the same old Democrat campaign lies.  They haven't panned out in 60 years, do you really think Hillary is the one who is going to usher in a decade of utopia? 

I wouldn't bet on it, she can't be trusted to protect America's most sensitive intelligence, a whopping 88% of Democrats view her as dishonest, and she has had a 40-year career in incompetence, lies, and deceit. 

I don't hire people I don't trust.

"An educated citizenry is a vital requisite fo our survival as a free people." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Blueprint for Fraud

“We are past the point where being a capitalist is the only way of becoming a politician, and we are dangerously near the point where being a politician is much the quickest way of becoming a capitalist.”  ~ G.K. Chesterton 

1. Take a position of Government power that gives you access to make or change US policy resulting in financial gain of a third party.

2. Create a charity that runs in parallel to your official Government position.

3. Influence third parties to make financial donations to your charity resulting in favorable policy outcomes from your official Government position.

4. Make yourself and all your immediate family members employees of your charity.  Make your close confidants employees of the charity and give them official positions in the government to grease the wheels to get your personal initiatives done.

5. Take your personal income and "donate" it to your own charity to lower your income tax liability, and pay yourself back from the tax deductible income of you own donations and the donations from your third party donors. 

To be more clear, when people paid Clinton for favors by donating to her "charity" she paid them off with YOUR tax money and America's sovereignty by passing favorable US policy resulting in her donor's financial gain. 

She sold out the country for personal gain in a way we haven't seen since the likes of the Kennedy family.  

Joe Kennedy donated lavishly to FDR to secure an Ambassadorship to London, which he used to to enrich himself and his family.  Knowing the President was about to abolish the Prohibition Act, a little tip that comes along with being "in the inner circle," he landed the lucrative British importation rights to distribute Haig & Haig Scotch whiskey, Dewar's, Gordon's gin and other imported drinks under those brands.  When Prohibition Act ended, the Kennedy's sold 150,000 cases of Scotch whiskey in the first year.  The family still receives "royalties" for each imported bottle today, from those brands, under that deal.  Think about that for second and imagine how many bottles of Dewars whiskey, Bombay gin, Bacardi rum, and Grey Goose vodka we import today.  Yeah.  Pay to play politics worked out very well for the Kennedy family. 

Clinton policies were not good for America.

For example, a Russian uranium company UraniumOne made four donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling $2.35 million, part of a larger $145 million given from nine Russian uranium investors, after which Hillary Clinton--as Secretary of State--transferred 20% of ALL United Stated uranium holdings to the Russian Government.  Pay to Play. 

Like the Kennedy family, the Clintons have made a business of selling out the United States to enrich themselves.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Faux Rage, Real Hypocrisy

For all those Liberals feigning outrage in their interpretation of Trump's Second Amendment comments, remember when Killary Clinton was badly losing to Obama and said in May 2008 when asked why she wouldn't drop out of the race, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” 

Unlike Trump, whom the leftists are making up interpretations of what he said, Clinton actually made this remark, one that Rep. James E. Clyburn of South Carolina called "beyond the pale" at the time, twice.

Additionally, as far as the left and their fake "exasperation" at Trump saying something the left is interpreting as advocating violence, where was all this rage when a leftist wrote, "The Assassination of George W. Bush: A Love Story," are when leftists made the movie, "Death of a President," depicting the assassination of George W. Bush?  There is no need for interpretation with either of's pretty clear what the left was fantasizing about, and it was pretty damn violent.

Yet again,  the left is revealed for the total hypocrites that they are and yet again the media is revealed to be nothing more than the leftist mouthpiece.  Pathetic.

Shame on you liberals for your willful ignorance, your blind support of a woman who is so corrupt that she lies about lying, and your unwavering support for 50 years of failed Democrat policies. 

"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Consequences for Outing Human Intelligence Sources--Prison and Death for some, but a Run for President for others--It Depends on Political Affiliation and Media Collusion

Aldrich Ames was a CIA case officer, who spoke Russian and specialized in the Russian intelligence services, including the KGB, the USSR’s foreign intelligence service. On April 16, 1985, he secretly volunteered to serve KGB officers at the USSR Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Shortly thereafter, the KGB paid him $50,000.  During the summer of 1985, Ames met several times with a Russian diplomat to whom he passed classified information.  In July 1986, Ames was transferred to Rome, Italy.  At the conclusion of his assignment in Rome, Ames received instructions from the KGB regarding clandestine contacts in the Washington, D.C. area, where he would next be assigned.  In addition, the KGB wrote to Ames that he had been paid $1.88 million by them in the four years since he volunteered.  

Upon his return to Washington, D.C. in 1989, Ames continued to pass classified documents to the KGB, and in return, the KGB left money and instructions for Ames. 

In the meantime, the CIA and FBI learned that Russian officials who had been recruited by them were being arrested and executed.  These human sources had provided critical intelligence information about the USSR, which was used by U.S. policy makers in determining U.S. foreign policy.  Following analytical reviews and receipt of information about Ames’s unexplained wealth, the FBI opened an investigation in May 1993. 

Ames is still serving his sentence in the federal prison system.  

That's how important it is to protect secrets and human sources of intelligence.  It is a matter of Life and Death. 

This weekend we learned that a classified Iranian human intelligence source that Hillary Clinton outed--in her "carelessness" of passing classified information on her illegal homebrew server--was executed (hanged) in Iran just last week.  

Despite her continued lies that she never sent or received classified information on her homebrew server--she did.  

Despite FBI Director Comey letting her off without any consequences--there are consequences.  The person who compromised him, and caused his death is Democrat Hillary Clinton...and she is running for President, a privilege that will grant her access to far greater National secrets that she has clearly demonstrated that she cannot be trusted to protect. 

Shahram Amiri gave information to the United States about Iran's nuclear program, and Hillary's actions in revealing his identity and actions to the Iranian Government via her damned e-mails that she still will not admit the truth about, directly led to his execution.  In the world of spy games and human intelligence, secrecy is not only key, it's everything.  Mr. Amiri was compromised by the the very entity who should have done everything in her power to protect him.  But Hillary thought her "convenience" was more important than his life

And where is the media outrage over this travesty?  This very same media went into a "blood in the water" shark feeding frenzy trying to report how members of the Bush Administration "outed" Valerie Plame and put her in "danger."  They called for firings, indictments, and prison time for those who "outed" her.  

In a press conference in October 2005, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald detailed the indictment of then high-ranking Bush Administration official Lewis "Scooter" Libby for his role in "Plamegate."  

The five-count indictment of Libby included two counts of perjury, one count of obstruction of justice and making false statements to federal investigators. There was, however, no count for disclosing classified information, i.e., Plame's status as a CIA operative.  In fact, no evidence has ever come to light that Mr. Libby disclosed Plame's CIA status.  

Mr. Comey on the other hand confirmed Hillary herself lied under oath, obstructed justice, and made false statements to federal investigators.  She is the one who outed Mr. Amiri.  Where is the Justice today?  

"There is nothing more necessary than good intelligence to frustrate a designing enemy, and nothing requires greater pains to obtain."  ~ George Washington

"Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails sent or received. Was that true? 
Comey: That's not true."
"Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true? 

Comey: No. We found work related email, thousands, that were not returned."  ~ South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy questioning FBI Director Comey on how Hillary Clinton Evaded Punishment

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Experiment

This country is the greatest political experiment the Earth has ever experienced.  

Tribal chiefs, monarchies, dictators, tyrants, and czars ruled unchecked for thousands of years. 

Then along came the United States of America.

There has never been a sovereign nation that compares to the United States of America.   

This country was established to give citizens the freedom to live without a ruler, to experience the satisfaction of reaping the rewards of their hard work, and to pursue their own happiness. 

You don't get that guarantee in any other country.

The result of such freedom?  In record time, we became the most prosperous and powerful country that has ever existed.  Sure, others have tried to imitate our success...but they have never come close to the success of our United States of America.

Sadly, for the last 60 years, there has been a concerted effort to sabotage this great Experiment. 

Socialists and communists comprising the Democrat Party have been trying to destroy and subvert this Nation and the way of life that we have become accustomed to living.

"Why?," you ask.  "How?," you ask. 

The answer to the first question is easy.  Power.  Greed.  Money.

The answer to the second question is much more difficult to explain.

First, they had to distort history and convince people their current situation is unacceptable. 

They had to "...[help] the people in the community...feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.  [An] organizer must...agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values to produce...a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate.  [You] must fan the fans of hopelessness..." 

These are the words of Saul Alinsky, born in 1909, published in his manifesto, Rules for Radicals, in 1971...and adopted by both Obama and Hillary Clinton.  

They had to fuel hate and contempt, instead of inspiring the willingness to try, instead of providing opportunities to succeed, and instead of allowing people to learn from failures. 

In the 1950s, Saul Alinsky turned his attention to Detroit to carry out his "social experiment."  Do you need to see the result of his influence? 

Here is Detroit in the 1950s:

Here is Detroit today, after Alinsky's and his followers got done with it: 

Any questions?  Both Obama and Hillary were disciples of Saul Alinsky. 

Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing.  A paper the Clinton machine kept under wraps until only very recently.  A paper in which she advocated for Alinsky's ideology and promoted the idea that those who wish for change should prepare for conflict.

In many ways, he counseled her, and mentored her.  The two corresponded by letters and in the years following.

The Democrat Party has done an impressive job of implementing Alinsky's ideology.  They took over key areas in American government and completely dominated the unions.  This has allowed them to erase history by controlling the Department of Education, the Teacher's Unions, and all levels of private and public education institutions as part of an indoctrination program. 

Young people today have no idea that the Democrats are the parents of the KKK, segregation, and were against civil rights.  
  • Fact: The Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln were created, and elected, to end slavery!  
  • Fact:  Democrat President Woodrow Wilson introduced segregation into the federal government in 1913.  
  • Fact:  In 1957, the Democrat Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, ordered his state's National Guard to prevent the integration of Central High School in Little Rock.  In response, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent U.S. soldiers to the city to escort nine black teens through mobs so they could go to school.  
  • Fact: In October 1963, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy authorized the FBI to wiretap the telephones of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a conservative, and the man considered the heart and soul of the civil rights movement. 
  • Fact: The longest serving member of the U.S. Senate, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, was not just any card carrying member of the KKK.  He held two of the notorious group’s top leadership positions: “Grand Kleagle” and “Exalted Cyclops”— as the Grand Kleagle he was the top recruiter for the KKK and the top officer of his local KKK unit.  As the Exalted Cyclops, which is an elected position, he was the most popular and qualified racist they could elect.
Yet the Democrats have turned their former slaves into their current ones.  People who are dependent on the "master" in the big "White House" to provide food, housing, healthcare, and amenities--are slaves.  The "labor" that these current slaves must provide to be given their master's "gifts" is simple...they must vote Democrat.  For over 60 years they have been voting this way, getting nothing in return, and keeping themselves on the proverbial plantation. 

More proof that the Democrats are fully implementing Alinsky's dream is seen in the cultural demonization of success, moral values, self-worth, and responsibility.  Instead, they promote victimization, class warfare, and name calling.  These are straight out of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense.  It's irrational.  It;s infuriating.  It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."  Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

Think about all the name call the liberals do on a daily basis.  Every time a Conservative disagrees the first thing out of the liberal's mouth is to call the other person a racist, a bigot, a sexist, or accuse them of homophobia, or Islamophobia, or a "flat Earth" believer.  They call Republicans "terrorists" and "extremists" for wanting a balanced budget and won't even call the actual Islamic extremists and "Black Lives Matter" extremists who are killing people terrorists or extremists. They call them the "religion of peace" and "peaceful protesters." 

Our country is at a tipping point.  The American Experiment is in jeopardy.  

In the last eight years, we have seen the most corrupt and vile Presidential Administration commit what would be impeachable acts if committed by anyone other than our first black President.  The Democrats have lied, concealed, and flouted the law without fear of reprisal, ramifications, or consequences.  

We no longer have a free press.  We have a modern day Leni Riefenstahl-style propaganda machine reminiscent of the Nazi's--they are censoring facts, cooking polls, propagating lies, and acting as the media wing of the Democratic Party.   

And to what end?

If the United States of America falls, there is nowhere else to flee for freedom.  This is the last bastion of Liberty.  There is no where else to go and no place else to settle.

People have come to the United States for 240 years for the American Dream. 

If we continue with open, unchecked borders, with Islamic terrorists infiltrating our country, with Sharia Law being implemented, with illegal immigrants compromising our economy--and not contributing to economy as much as they are benefiting--we will fail.  

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights predominantly tell the Government what it cannot do.  The one thing it specifically mandates the Government to to provide for the national security of its citizens.  We have shut down immigration in the past to allow new immigrants to assimilate.  That is a fact

Think about it. 

Communism and Socialism have been tried elsewhere in the world over and over and over again.  They all FAILED or are in the process of failing today.  

It's not that those systems of societal models haven't been done "right" yet...the truth is it cannot be done.  It is against human nature.  Liberal ideology can only be enforced by power, totalitarianism, and oppression--that is secret of the Democrats deceitful offer of utopia--they keep promising something of the future that will never exist.  

If Liberals win, this Experiment--a free society "of the people, by the people, for the people....and beholden to the people"--is over.  

Make your your choice, but think long and hard about the consequences of your actions. 

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."   
~ Ronald Reagan