Friday, September 30, 2016

The Dirty Underwear Gang

Enough with the side shows and the false liberal outrage.  I could care less about seeing Trump's tax return, and so should you.

You know damn well if he was doing something shady or illegal the IRS would have prosecuted him by now.  This is the same corrupt IRS that in the lead up to the 2012 election targeted regular, conservative Americans for audits, denied conservative groups charity status, and leaked conservative candidates confidential tax information.  

You and I both know if the IRS had anything on Trump they'd have played that card by now. 

But speaking of shady tax returns, how about we look at the Clinton's history.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have operated their family charity since 2001, but she failed to list it on five different annual Senate financial disclosure reports when she was a Senator. 

The Clintons have listed their foundation as a charity for their own tax write off purposes.  They claimed $10.2 million in charitable tax breaks from 2001-2008 for donating to themselves! 

We are talking about a couple so cheap, and wanting to avoid paying taxes so badly that they once listed Bill's used underwear as a donation. Gross!  We all know what was on the infamous blue dress of his Whitehouse intern mistress....I dry heave at the thought of what was in his nasty tighty whities. 

My point is, the tax law is what it is.  Lobbyists, lawyers, and "the connected" get legislators to create more itemized deductions to benefit themselves.  If Trump has an army of accountants pouring over the tax law finding all the deductions he can utilize, what's wrong with that?  That is the law.

I know I try to take all the deductions that I can.  Let's not forget that an estimated 45.3% of American households pay no federal individual income tax ( source: Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington-based research group.  That same 45.3% of American households receive a tax refund or other benefits--they actually get money back without putting anything into the system.

Seems like it is pretty standard that people take deductions and try to pay the least amount in taxes as possible.  Why? Because the Federal Government is not a freakin' charity and when I look at how they are spending the money I DO give them there is no way I want to "donate" more of my hard earned cash to them. 

Grow up. 

"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery." 

~ Calvin Coolidge