Saturday, January 7, 2017

Livestreaming Hate

When are we going to start having an honest conversation about hate?

Throughout this election campaign, there have been repeated acts of violence and hate speech...almost all attributed to liberals.  The leaked DNC e-mails and Project Veritas videos confirmed that the DNC were not just organizing and deploying liberal thugs to go to Trump rallies for the purpose of attacking Conservatives and inciting violence and blaming the victims, they were actually paying them to do it.  What's worse is that the liberal media was in on it, and helped promote Fake News about "violent" Conservatives.

They repeated their lies over and over again, until the Fake News became the accepted storyline.  Low-information liberals believe Trump and his voters are all violent, hating, racist, privileged, sexist, homophobic, and Islamaphobic.

There has been one Fake News story after another of so-called "unidentified Trump supporters" committing acts of violence against liberals, of which almost all turned out to be complete fabrications, staged, hoaxes, and outright lies.

Hate is being promoted, marketed, and sold by liberals in Hollywood, liberals in Congress, and by the outgoing Administration.  It's okay to deny goods and services to Conservatives, to disrupt the Inaugural Events, and make PSA's ordering Congress not to work with or cooperate with President Trump.

Again, it's perfectly acceptable thinking in the liberal "mind" to deny designing and making clothes for the new First Lady because you hate her husband, but not for a Conservative bakery to turn down baking a cake for a homosexual couple.  Of course, there was no backlash against the Muslim-owned bakery who also refused to make a cake for a gay couple...but that's another blog.  The liberal double standard is vicious, ridiculous, and disgusting.

Liberals and their colluding media have mainstreamed Hate--they own it.  They have made Hate the "In Crowd" thing to do.  They made it cool to run down and tackle someone with a "Make America Great Again" t-shirt or hat and give him a beating.  They think it's cool to throw eggs, hitting a woman in the face, coming out of a Trump rally.  It's cool for them to pull an old man, who voted for Trump, out of his car a kick his ass in the street.  Ya, real cool.  Real liberal.

The recent kidnapping and 48-hour torturing of a white, mentally disabled man by four Black people yelling racial slurs and anti-Trump rhetoric is obviously a hate crime.  It's mind boggling that so many of the liberal media performed such intellectual gymnastics to try to make excuses for these violent, racist, attackers.    Referring to the attack, CNN's liberal mouthpiece, Don Lemon, stated, "I don't think it's evil."  Even with the evidence live streamed on Facebook, the liberal media cautioned viewers not to jump to conclusions and downplayed the horrific facts of the case.  We can't possibly judge that based on them yelling "F*ck White People," that there was a racial aspect to this horrific crime.  They even scalped the victim, but Lemon doesn't think that's evil.

The fact that the liberal media can't bring themselves to automatically call it a hate crime--when it so obviously was--means there is a serious problem with "journalists."

But if you get right to the point, and why the left were so reluctant to call this a hate crime---it is because of THEIR OWN BIGOTRY AND RACISM.  The left believes that there is no such thing as a "hate crime" against a white person, and that there's no such thing as racism against a white person, because minority groups are incapable of such things.

That's right, I said it.

This is the same thought process that allows liberals to believe a group that calls itself "Black Lives Matter"--and tells others they can't say All Lives Matter--is not racist.

Racism is defined as "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."

Believing black people are incapable of racism is racism.  That is a fact.

Acting on that racism to commit a violent attack against a white person--because you believe you are entitled to do so because you think you are morally superior--is hate.  This is infallible.

The liberal media is culpable in creating this falsehood, and fanning the flames of hate.  Teaching and convincing people it is okay to treat other people badly because of their race, religion, political affiliation is not only bigotry, it is racism.  And that my friends, is deplorable.

Let's use a little logic.  If Conservatives were the monsters that liberals depict them to be, then why aren't they taking to the streets with all their weapons and ammo and totally annihilating minorities and gay people in their blind rage of racism and bigotry?  Liberals sure as hell are mobilizing for Inauguration Day, why didn't Conservatives when Obama was elected?

Oh that's right, that would be more Fake News.  Because Conservatives aren't anything like the monsters they have been portrayed as by the liberal politicians, their lapdog media, and Hollywood idiots.

"The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive."

~Thomas Sowell