Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pussies Rioting

The people marching in DC, and around the country, yesterday in the so-called "Woman's March" was nothing more than a staged farce.  
The cry babies out there simply used the lie of marching for "woman's rights" to continue their childish temper tantrum that began the moment Mr. Trump was elected to be our 45th President.  

It was garish, rude, vulgar, insulting, and downright embarrassing.  

As an American woman, I can tell you that nothing out there yesterday represented me or my views.  Those people were certainly not out their supporting my rights.  On the contrary, they were violating them.  

With family and guests who had flown in to join us in DC to participate in Inaugural events, it was our right to visit and access historic landmarks commemorating our country's rich history.  We were denied this right. We were unable to venture into town due to the bigots blocking our freedom of movement.  Our freedoms and rights were infringed upon by disgusting, ignorant, wretches.  

What rights do I not have that they were protesting and rioting for?

Right to vote?  I have that already.
Right to an education?   I have that already.
Right to own property?   I have that already.
Right to run my own business?   I have that already.
Right to work in any job field I am qualified to perform that I desire?   I have that already.
Right choose my own religion or not practice any religion?   I have that already.
Right to live with the partner of my choice?   I have that already.
Right to reproductive choices?   I have that already.

Woman have access to medical options and reproductive choices.  Abortion is legal.  However, no one has the "right" to force me to pay for their abortions, birth control, morning after pill, or condoms.  If people choose to use or do those things, they should pay for them on their own, not with taxpayer's funding.  Their rights end where mine begin. 

So I ask again, what rights don't I have that they were protesting for?

The right to act like a spoiled brat when I don't get my way?
The right to disrupt traffic, burn trash, assault those who disagree with me, and vandalize private property?
The right to spew hatred and vile insults against my political opposition?
The right to outright lie and mischaracterize those who disagree with me?

No, those are not rights.  

Those are simply the true characteristics and ways liberals act when they don't get their way.  Childish, violent, bigots. 

"How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"  ~ Thomas Jefferson