Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hey, Remember When...?

Hey, remember when Obama Administration officials were forced to resign/fired after giving "misleading information"/"misremembering" and LYING about not authorizing gun running schemes to Mexican cartels in Operation Fast and Furious, the fake promise of Obamacare that "if you like your plan, you can keep your mind," the completely fabricated Benghazi talking points and lies of a "spontaneous" protest caused by a video, and denying the IRS was targeting private conservative citizens?

Yeah, me neither.

Hey, remember when the media was salivating at the bit, and doing serious investigative journalism into then Secretary Clinton' "charity" receiving all that foreign money in exchange for favorable US policy benefiting the donor recipients?

Yeah, me either.

Hey, remember the massive media stories after Hillary lost the election (again!) and she and Bill quietly shut down their "charity"--in essence proving it was never a charity but always a bribe--and since they had no more power, there was no more incentive to "donate" to (read "bribe") them anymore?

Yeah, me either.

Weird how the so-called media failed to report those massive scandals and further the Fake News that there were no scandals over the last eight years.  Sort of proves they aren't journalists, just the Democrat propaganda machine...just sayin'.