Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Temper Tantrum Continues

Just remember this...the liberals pledging to refuse to pay taxes under a Trump Administration--because some money might be used in ways they don't to fund a wall--are the same hypocrites who called Conservatives bigots, sexists, and even terrorists for speaking out against Obamacare because it used our taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.  

It's almost like liberals think that Conservatives were okay with everything that happened over the last eight years.

Sorry we didn't riot, stop paying taxes, leave the country, wear safety pins, claim safe spaces, stage fake hate crimes against ourselves to blame on others, demand a break from work or school because we just couldn't handle Obama, set cars on fire, vandalize private property, or run down people wearing Obama shirts to physically assault them.

Those are typical liberal reactions to not getting their way.  We don't act like that.  We have more respect for ourselves and others, and more importantly we respect the United States of America.

Our reaction to eight years of Obama's lies, scandals, and condescending attitude towards hard-working families with Conservative values...simple.